Homemaker/Home Health Aide

The New Jersey Board of Nursing regulates homemaker-home health aides. Make sure you have everything you need.

The New Jersey Board of Nursing regulates homemaker-home health aides, defined as a person who is employed by a home care services agency and who is performing delegated nursing regimens or nursing tasks delegated through the authority of a duly licensed registered professional nurse.

If you're thinking about becoming a homemaker/home health aide or starting a related business, start here for a checklist of items to consider and permits that you may need to obtain to get your business off the ground. Please note that this guide does not substitute for legal or professional advice, and additional permits may be required depending on the circumstances of your business.

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Although great efforts are made to keep these guides as accurate as possible, they are primarily for informational purposes. Specific details about your business may require additional or more specialized assistance. You are encouraged to consult with an attorney and accountant for legal and tax advice.