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How do I register a new business?

If your company is a limited liability corporation or a corporation, you must file formation or authorization documents for the public record with the New Jersey Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services (DORES). Partnerships and sole proprietorships are not subject to this step.

If your company is a sole proprietorship or a general partnership, you must
register in each of the County Clerk's offices in counties where you will
conduct business.

Legal entities are subject to annual report filing requirements. Corporations will also be subject to the corporation business tax from the date of formation to the legal date of dissolution.

All businesses must file Form NJ-REG to be registered for tax and employer purposes. Filing Form NJ-REG ensures that your business is registered under the correct tax identification number and that you will receive the proper returns and notices. Normally, you will use your federal identification number (FEIN) as the New Jersey tax identification number. A business with employees must obtain a FEIN. If you do not have a federal identification number for your business, you may apply for one as you fill out the online NJ-REG or you may apply directly to the IRS online.

If you are subject to the entity formation/authorization filing in Step 1 above, you may submit both the business entity and the tax registration filings together. The NJ-REG must be filed within 60 days of filing the new business entity if the registrations are submitted separately.

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